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MiniInTheBox is a wholesaler.

MiniInTheBox Review

Many of us do our shopping online, and I have to admit that I hate live shopping. The thought of walking for hours in a mall or from store to store just to find the perfect pair of jeans hurts just to think about. I know that most women love shopping, but I am not that kind of woman. I can find the perfect pair of jeans online as well, thank you very much. However, since I buy my clothes online, you can imagine that I buy every other thing online as well. Only my groceries are purchased from the store, but the rest of my house has ‘online bought’ all over the place.

Needless to say, I went through a lot of online shopping websites, and that is how I came across At first, I thought it was some kind of online shopping place like AliExpress or Wish, but I was soon to be proven wrong. I will tell you about my personal experience, but first things first.

What is MiniInTheBox?

MiniInTheBox is a wholesaler. That is the short definition, so to speak. It is a website where people go and buy things if they want to avoid the extra cost of intermediaries. The company provides a lot of merchandise at small prices. It is like buying straight from the manufacturer. The items are just the same, but there are no additional costs that usually come with purchasing from a store. You know how it goes. You buy the thing from a guy who got it from a guy and so on, and every single guy adds another fee. That is not the case with MiniInTheBox. I am sure that if you take a look around their offers, you will see for yourself just how low the prices are.

What can you find on MiniInTheBox?

The better question is what can you not find on MiniInTheBox, yo be honest. They provide several categories, and every category comes with hundreds of products. I did not check to see if there are thousands of categories, but nobody actually browses all the pages, right?

Electronics and gadgets

While you are not going to find refrigerators and washing machines on MiniInTheBox, you will surely find small appliances for your home and personal care electronics. I bought a small fan from them to keep me cool while I sit at my desk, and I was not disappointed. You can also find smartwatches, cameras, electronic devices for your car, smart technology, and much more. Whatever small piece of electronics you may be looking for, the chances of you finding them on MiniInTheBox are pretty high.

Cellphone accessories

Before searching for an accessory for your phone in a store or another website, you should check MiniInTheBox first. Chances are you are going to find that super cute smartphone cover there at half the price. I did, and I saved 62% on a cover for my HTC. I could not believe my eyes, and I was almost certain it was a knock-off. However, that was not the case, and I use that cover to this day.

PC and tablet accessories

If your laptop breaks and you need a spare part, my advice is to check MiniInTheBox for the particular component and have it installed by someone who has the skill to do it. Repair services usually cost a small fortune, especially if you have an expensive laptop, but if you check MiniInTheBox, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

Everything for the outdoors

If you are looking for accessories for your bike, toys, anything that involves camping, skiing, travel, and other such items, you will find the on MiniInTheBox. This category is actually pretty vast, and I am happy to report that I found out about the existence of many items with the help of MiniInTheBox. Some things I did not even know they were invented. I do not know if I should be ashamed or proud, but MiniInTheBox sure opened my eyes about some stuff.

Everything for your home and your pet

You will not find food for your pet, but you will about everything else. I bought a device for my dog’s pedicure. It was pretty good, and it was not MiniInTheBox’s fault that my dog did not like the buzzing sound. Plus, you get all kinds of accessories for your home like towels, pieces of décor, items for your kitchen, and whatever else you can think of when it comes to decorating your house. It is worth at least browsing through it.

Jewelry and watches

I have to say that I have never bought jewelry online. Or watches for that matter. But that is because I never bought my own watches. They were all a gift from loved ones. However, looking at the MiniInTheBox’s collection and reading the reviews, I think that the website is a safe place where you can buy these items from. So, if you want to buy a gift for someone anytime soon, I am sure that you will find the perfect present on MiniInTheBox.

Fashion and apparel

I have only a handful of websites from where I buy my clothing, but that is just because I have been shopping with them for years. You know how trust can be an issue when it comes to clothing. Even so, MiniInTheBox has a category for apparel as well. Do not worry, it is not like one of those Chinese websites where you order one thing and get an entirely different item. For one, the prices may be low, but not that low so you would be skeptical. For example, if a dress is $5 on Wish or AliExpress, a similar model may be $20 on MiniInTheBox, which makes it more believable that what you see is what you get.

What is LightInTheBox?

Once you access MiniInTheBox, you will see a category labeled LightInTheBox. It is not a special category of MiniInTheBox, but it is a sister company. Basically, you can find pretty much the same things you see on MiniInTheBox. Of course, there are a few other categories, but I just wanted to clear out the fact that the two are similar, but not the same.

Why should you shop at MiniInTheBox?

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If you want a list of reasons, I am going to give you one, but the best thing you could do right now is to take a look around the website. I usually have a sense for these things, but it has been developed through years of online shopping. If you have this sense as well, then you do not need my list of reasons. However, if you have no idea what I am talking about, here is why you should take advantage of MiniInTheBox.

  • You have options – no matter which category of products you are looking at, you will see countless similar products. You are given so many choices that you do not know which one to pick. MiniInTheBox has a vast variety of products, and it is almost impossible not to find what you are looking for. You will probably see one thing more than once, but that is because the same product comes with a different description. But even so, that does not hurt anyone.
  • The prices are low – I already explained it to you, but I am going to do it again. MiniInTheBox has very low rates so that you have the feeling that you are making a purchase directly from the manufacturer. That is because there are no middlemen who usually increase the fee. The more intermediaries, the higher the price. You know, everyone needs to have something to gain. With MiniInTheBox, that is not the case.
  • No scams – you have probably seen those articles online followed by pictured with what people ordered and what they got. That is a tragedy if you ask me, and a failure on online shopping’s part. Even so, that happens. My first thought is, do those people actually think that a $200 wedding dress arrives like in the pictures? Not likely. But even so, it is your money, and you should receive what you ordered. With MiniInTheBox, that will not happen. The prices are quite realistic, even if they are lower than you usually find online. So, what you see is actually what you get.

Personally, I do not think that you need better reasons than those listed above. It was enough for me, an avid online shopper, so I guess that it is enough for you as well.

My personal experience with MiniInTheBox

As promised, I am going to share my own personal experience with MiniInTheBox. I think it is important on your way to getting hooked on MiniInTheBox. Everytime I find a new online shopping website that I find appealing, I make an order of small, cheap items. I do not want to risk a large amount of money on something that may not come or it does but I do not get what I expect. I did the same with MiniInTheBox. I ordered a pet pedicure device and a cover for my phone. I also got a bathroom accessory and a set of face towels.

One thing that you should probably know about MiniInTheBox is that the delivery is not as fast as with Amazon, for example. It takes a lot longer. However, small prices come at a cost, and that is slow delivery. It took 21 days for my order to arrive. I chose standard delivery, so they used postal services. To be honest, I was not that upset about the delivery time. I expected a slow arrival, especially since I read the reviews online before submitting my order. I was willing to take my chances. After all, I spent under $40, so what else could I have possibly wanted?

The products that arrived were in excellent shape. They were packed correctly, and nothing inside was damaged even to the least. Plus, none of them were flimsy. As I said earlier, the pet pedicure device was working perfectly, but my dog did not like the buzzing, so it sits in the same drawer ever since. The towels were actually made of cotton, and they are super absorbent. I still use them. They did well in the washing machine, and the color is not faded. As for the phone cover, I still have it on my phone. The device took a lot of tumbles ever since, and I am proud to say that it is still intact.

So, my overall experience with MiniInTheBox was a positive one. Soon after receiving my first order I placed another one. The second included more risky products. I was not disappointed then either. My summer dress looked exactly like in the picture, and the size was just right. The fabric seems of good quality. I have not washed the dress yet, but by the looks of it, it will come out just fine.

Final thoughts

In the beginning, I thought that MiniInTheBox was a glorified AliExpress. I expected nothing, which is why I was and still am very excited about my orders. But in the end, I was proven wrong. The rates are indeed higher on MiniInTheBox than on AliExpress, but the quality is far better as well, so in the end, I think it is worth the trouble. Of course, my experience does not dictate yours, which is why I recommend that you make a small order at first, just to see for yourself. After that, if you like what you get, go crazy. You will not regret it. Click here to buy on MiniInTheBox

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